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Keeping your Windows OS optimized is a very important task. No matter if your PC is a powerful machine, or if it is an old one. You will always need to clean Windows Registry of invalid entries, if you want your system not to become slow.

That's why FCleaner has been created. This is a powerful and free program that will not only allow you to clean thoroughly the Windows Registry, but will also remove unnecessary files that take up valuable space on your PC, and will perform other maintenance tasks for your PC.

Both, the Windows Registry cleaning, as well as the unnecessary files cleaning, are performed as a single process. However, there are three tabs in the user interface that will allow you to select the items to be cleaned. These are Windows components like memory dumps, shortcuts, thumbnail cache, browser elements such as cookies, history, saved passwords, etc., and elements of plugins from other programs such as Office 2007, Open Office, Windows Media Player, Windows Defender, etc.

Moreover, the program has a useful feature - installation of applications, that can easily replace the default function that comes in Windows. In addition, it also has a simple startup manager that lets you to enable or disable the programs that start with Windows in the background.

Finally, in this new version, several bugs have been fixed. Besides, the scheduled task option and other minor functions have also been improved in order to work properly on Windows 7.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Cleans thoroughly your Windows Registry
  • The program includes other optimizing functions


  • It does not have a help file
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